Who wants to know how to remove SNS?

BJJ and beautiful nails don’t blend, not for me though, since I cut them down each couple of days to prevent the idea of being ‘that’ scratchy-nail lady on the mat. And polish? Nah. I only do that when I have an important event to attend. Well, in the wake of getting my first SNS nail manicure for my brother’s induction, I figured out how to effectively deal with a mani and training.

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The pretty shot

Aren’t they flawless, plastic amazing looking incredibleness?! Truly strong. I was drumming my fingernails along everything.

Since my ‘improved’ French manicure was blunt, awesome and not as long as my usual nail length, I was able to pull it off shortly before the induction; no scratching anybody or feeling like I may unintentionally rip my claws off.

Back to the United Kingdom, and in spite of the fact that the SNS was beginning to grow out, I needed to be vain and keep that souped-up nail feeling for a few days more. Nevertheless, how do I trim them when they grow too long and scissors cannot handle them?

Way to go! It was dreary but then it worked.

For the next few weeks,  I kept my nails short for BJJ, and that French nail trim (though it was looking odd since the white section was gradually vanishing) kept on holding with no issue. Just so you know, it was quickly looking more terrible and awful.

So this is where I start feeling lazy. Who really gives a darn what they look like now anyway! Do I get remover or visit a nail salon to get it removed? No way! I’ll just let them grow off on their own.

All the BJJ holding began to pry them loose mid-roll to the astonishment of my preparation crew; Hey! I just found your nails and guess what…they’re fake!

It is great I didn’t lose any real nails in the process or feel a thing, I do now have a large portion of my hand looking like a bizarre pink stuff are all over my nails, and my nails don’t feel strong anymore. I sincerely hope it won’t be so for long.

Don’t let yourself be stressed out. What you’re seeing is mostly residual glue and not ragged layers of your nails like you thought.

How would my nails have look if I had decided to remove the SNS nails the responsible manicure-girl way? Possibly, perhaps not, the opinions on the internet seem divided. Whichever way, it is most likely the course I’ll take if I ever have to repeat this mhttps://dtknailsupply.com/collections/sns-dipping-powder-colors-1-5ozanicure.