Ombre Nail Designs To Try This 2019

Did you know that aside from makeup, nails are also part of what makes a woman? It is another way of expressing one’s personality. Our nails are a canvass that we can use to express our love for anything such as colors, designs and art. Long nails embody class, elegance and something of envy. A beautifully manicured nails can turn your hand from boring to brilliant easily.

Ombre Nail

Ombre nail design is one of the tenacious trends that have changed the way we see the grand color scheme of things mainly because of its whimsical gradient effect. Here are some of the new ombre nail ideas that you can try on your nails that will surely make your hand look fab, fresh and fierce.

  1. French Ombre Nails

Instead of the nude and white tip that we know, you can give your French manicure a twist by creating a fading image on your nail so first is you paint the basecoat nude then rather than putting a white tip, create an illusion that the white is fading on the nail and trust us, it will look way better. You can also put accents on this type of ombre nail by adding rhinestones or glittery sugar effect.

  1. Pink and Blue Ombre Nails

You might think that combining blue and pink nail polish in one nail is a bit daring and might not look good. But if you will do it the ombre style, you will realize that it looks good after all. You can start by coating your entire nail pink (baby pink is the best choice) then you can then create a fading illusion on the blue coat, the combination of pink and blue nail polish will create a beautiful shade of lavender so it is very cute and girly.

  1. Sugar-Effect Ombre Floral Nail Design

Nail art has gone a long way and lately the use of nail dipping powder is rampant mainly because, it last longer than the traditional acrylic and gel polish. In this type of nail design, rather than using simple single-colored nail polish, different nail dipping powder will give make up the ombre theme. The ombre effect will be achieved by combining different LDS nail dipping powder. It might be extra laborious compared to other ombre style, but this one will last for 5 weeks or more because nail dipping powder makes it extra resilient.

  1. Glitter Ombre Nails

Let’s face it, glitters makes anything beautiful. It can turn a monotone nail to a brilliant nail design. There are several types of glitters to choose from and there are several colors too. You can achieve this look by simply applying a basecoat, any color of your choice will do then apply a glittered nail polish and create a fading effect to achieve the ombre look. You can either put the glitters on top of the nail or at the bottom, it doesn’t matter because in the end, it will look just as amazing.