Best Pain Relief Devices

Top 5 Best Pain Relief Devices for 2020

In the present situation of isolation, you cannot visit hospitals as frequently or cannot avail physiotherapy services at your home. But few conditions like arthritis and joint pains require pain relief care.

Also, muscle soreness and inflammation are all attention requiring medical conditions, yet you are afraid of visiting the hospital in the wake of the pandemic. Hence it is better to have the best pain relief devices at your home to relieve both humans, and the pet animals form their pains safely.

WolezekRed Light Therapy Lamp

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The 18 LED light bulb has nine each of 660nm and 850 nm near-infrared wavelengths emitting pieces. It provides pain relief from joint and muscle pains when the infrared light is applied to the target area for 20 minutes.

This is one of the best infrared light therapy devices as it delivers results without using any drugs or invasive processes to address pain. Moreover, it heals the damaged tissue and works from inside to relieve you from pain rather than providing temporary relief.

RedTonic Red Light Therapy Device

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The handheld flashlight like device relieves you from the joint and muscle pain of your knees, shoulders, back, hands, or similar places. As it heals through focusing the light on the area of pain, you can use it on the joint or muscle of the body.

It is an affordable and harmless method of pain relief as it does not involve any expensive drugs or the side effects related to them. This portable device has a tri-spectrum of 630, 660, and 850 wavelengths that have way deeper penetration than other devices of this order.

Starlite Smile Red And Blue Light Therapy for Pain Relief

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The periodontal oral care light therapy by Starlite Smile uses both red and blue light therapies for healing and pain relief after dental treatments. It takes advantage of the 480nm wavelength of the blue LED light for killing the bacteria, and the red LED light provided relief from inflammation.

This is vividly used in dental clinics and home users as it heals the tissue and bone with the help of red and blue LEDs. The blue LED light also doubles as teeth whitening light, and also it has the power to accelerate whitening gels or strips used for this purpose.

GoodRadiance® Infrared Light Therapy Device For Pain Relief

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This pain-relieving device is FDA registered and is suitable for both home and clinical use. It gives medical-grade results in both human beings and animals when the soft tissue and connective tissue disorders are treated using this device.

The device works on the principle of promoting circulation to the inflamed body part that reduces the swelling and provides pain relief. It is the best light therapy for pain relief as it safely treats chronic and painful conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, neck pain, and muscle spasms effectively.

Beurer IL50 Infrared Light Therapy

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The portable and large screen heating device with 50 Infrared LEDs provides pain relief when treated by placing the device at a distance of 12”-16”. Its infrared light penetrates the deep layers of the skin and provides pain relief by repairing the cells.

It also helps in improving cardiovascular health by treating inflammation through blood flow. You can set the time and switch it on; no other complex process is involved in using this device. Also, it is 100% UV free and hence safe.


When you can be relieved of pain using harmless and non-invasive treatments, why would you not opt for them? Additionally, if these are the best pain relief devices that also heal you from inside, then there is no reason you would not consider them.

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