Back in full swing

This past weekend, some of us Cru staff and some of those amazing Cru student leaders piled in a bunch of cars and headed on over to Peoria, IL. It was a weekend full of catching up, planning for this school year and laughing so much I cried.
Here’s the group. You all are amazing people. I love you so very much!
Our ol’ friend Marcelo gave an awesome talk. Here he is prepping for it on our way there.
                       Marcelo & Katy led some                                      Here’s Trevor in his bro tank
                       awesome sets of worship.                                     as we planned our hearts out.


Nothin’ says “Central Illinois” like Avanti’s.
These people play a serious game of kickball. So many laughs and smiles. I loved every minute. I decided to be the photographer because I “accidentally” left my sneakers at home. I had such a sweet moment looking out at all of these students at one point. If I were to pick a favorite team that day, I wouldn’t be able to because I absolutely love each and every one of them. You all are wonderfully made and loved deeply by the Lord. I am so grateful to Him for allowing me to be a part of how He is using you at DePaul.
             Kiersten & Kassie caught in the                                                 Yay Team!
                     cutest candid ever.
                (Alliteration to the max!)


Emily and Emily. Beautiful lovelies.


Emily, your top knot is amazing. I can’t stop swooning over it.


Cru DePaul leaders, you make the world go ’round. Keep pursuing Jesus, keep learning, keep stepping out in faith for His Kingdom. You inspire me like crazy, you accept me even when I fall off of air mattresses while trying to impress you, and you make me want to be more like Him.
Love you.
A special thanks to Northminster Presbyterian for housing us, feeding us, and loving us.