Dreams of Elston

One early-ish morning last week my dear friend Cassi called me up.
We always joke that we are already turning into little old ladies because we call each other earlier and earlier in the mornings as the years pass. I think she even called me before 8am one day but I was up and probably on my second cup of coffee.
 I’m not sure what I was doing when she called, but I wasn’t able to answer for some reason. Just a few minutes later she texted me saying that she had an incredible dream about our baby Elston and to not listen to the voicemail she left because she was a blubbering mess trying to explain it to me. I love that she left me a message like that and I love that she is one of those kinds of friends.
I called her back not too long after and she explained the dream to me.
I had her write it down so I could remember it. So, here it is:
“I was in a room that was filled with light and there was a little boy sitting at a table with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was about 3 or so. I sat across from him and asked him questions. He wasn’t looking at me though. It was like his eyes were filled with the glory of the Lord and he was looking beyond me to something greater. He was at such peace and very calm. He didn’t say any words, he would only nod or shake his head. I asked him, “Do you know your Mommy and Daddy miss you a lot?” and he nodded as he continued to look peacefully beyond my eyes to something more important and worthy of his gaze, which I believe was God! It was so powerful and moving. I feel honored that God allowed me to have this dream and recall it.
I really believe it was God inspired.”

My jaw dropped and tears overwhelmed my eyes.

I don’t know too much about dreams and how they work but I really do believe that God does work through them. There are stories upon stories of that kind of stuff and God worked in dreams in the Bible. I feel like I can’t deny the fact that He works through ’em. Here’s the crazy part, take a look back to the dream I had a few months ago about Elston here.

I don’t think this is just some random coincidence. I really believe we had dreams of the same boy and I believe that boy was our sweet sunshine baby. I take these dreams and receive them as gifts from the Lord. No matter how crazy that may sound or how crazy people may think I am for believing it. I feel like it’s one of the many ways God has shown His sweet love to me during this season and His way of showing His love to one of the people here on earth that would have loved our boy so well.

Thank you Lord for these dreams. For the chance to see the baby that made me a mama. It is by your grace that I got to house him for a short while, it is by your grace that He is with you, and it is by your grace that Cassi and I got a glimpse of this sweet boy. My heart aches to see him again. In Heaven. Where we can rejoice together in Your presence.