Easy Makeup Tips to Get Rid of Problems of Dry and Pigmented Skin

Dry and pigmented skin are among the most commonly experienced skin problems. Over exposure to harsh climate rips off the top soft layer of the skin. This exposes the lower layers which are dry and flaky. With the passage of time, skin becomes permanently dry. The loss of moisture leads to dark patches all over the face. This is because absence of hydration does not nourish the skin. Lack of nourishment makes the cells weak and dead. This is the reason for skin conditions like melasma. It is an advanced stage where pigmented patches are scattered all around your face.

Easy Makeup Tips for Dry and Pigmented Skin

Along with skin care routine, you should pay attention to your makeup products also. Check if they are suitable for your skin type or not. For example, if you have developed dark patches all around your face, choose foundation for melasma for your makeup. This will help you in not only hiding the patches but also treating the root cause of the condition.

If you are also having dry and pigmented skin types, here are a few makeup tips you can try out. These will help you in not only getting the perfect makeup look but will also make your skin healthy.

Right makeup products for dry and pigmented skin

First step in every makeup routine is choosing the right products. For people having skin conditions, right choice of product plays an important role. For this, few things should be kept in mind. Both dry and pigmented skin requires deep nourishment. Your chosen products should be highly moisturizing and hydrating. This will help your skin recover the extreme dryness. It will also help the melanin to grow. These things will restore the lost color and vibrance of your skin. So along with giving you a beautiful glamour, these products will also make your skin soft, smooth and even toned. Be very vigilant while choosing your makeup products.

Steps you should adopt while doing makeup

Before applying makeup on your skin, apply a good moisturizer on your face. It should be non greasy and should absorb quickly in your skin. Choose a moisturizer that also includes nourishing ingredients. This will provide you maximum benefits in one product.

After that, apply primer on your face. Go for the best primer for dry skin because your whole makeup depends on this step. This primer will help your makeup sit for longer without causing flakes and white cast. It will also make your skin nourished enough to withstand the heavy makeup products that you will apply.

Next step is applying foundation. This step requires special care. This is because a lot of foundations make your skin dry. Go for a foundation that is creamy and easy to blend. The more buildable the coverage is, the better it will hide your skin imperfections. It should be long lasting enough to stay all day without wearing off.

If your melasma and dryness are extremely severe, don’t miss out using a concealer. Apply it on all the blemished patches to hide them.

Finish your look with a soft and subtle shade of blush. Give your cheeks an uplift and make them attractive.

While fixing your makeup, choose a spray that is based on natural extracts. These types of products are highly recommended by makeup artists and dermatologists.

I want to advise you all not to overlook your skin conditions. Each and every product that you apply on your face must comply with your skin type. In this way, both the glamour and health of your skin will go hand in hand.