Best Tattoo Equipment Reviews for Tattoo Artist

Top 6 Best Tattoo Equipment Reviews for Tattoo Artist

Having the right equipment for any work is very important. Especially for tattooing as it is a delicate art where you have not many substitutes and require the right devices for each art. Check out this best of kind equipment, which has the potential to bring out the real talent in you. Also, it saves you a lot of time and effort, along with making your tattoos look beautiful.

TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

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The lightweight thermal printer transfers tattoo stencils onto A4 sized for a quick copy of the design. It operates silently, generates low heat, and prints fast. This machine is made of ABS material for durability and is also environmentally safe.

You can operate it efficiently as the operation panel consists of only 4 different functions with respective buttons and two indications LED lights for checking the operation. The 12-month warranty gives you ample time to use the machine and verify if it is working correctly.

Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine

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This Taiwan made tattoo pen works wirelessly using a battery for up to 2-3 hours on a full charge. The battery indicates the power level making it easy to estimate the time it can work. You get 50 tattoo needles along with the device and battery in this kit.

It does not get hot even after prolonged usage, makes a low noise, and has a comfortable grip to hold like a pen. Even the needle depth is adjustable by twisting the near the grip.

1TattooWorld Handmade Cast Iron Tattoo Machine

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The armature bar is made of pure iron, making it an excellent conductor for magnetic performance. This pro-quality tattoo coil machine is suitable for both lining and shading. It comes with 10 laps of the high-quality manual coil with a solenoid valve.

The composite material made spring is highly elastic with the anti-fatigue property even after using it for a long time. The stable bounce, low heat, smooth vibration are highlights of this machine. Aesthetically it looks beautiful as it comes with a special surface design.

LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board for Tattoo Drawing

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The slim and weightless light pad is a handy device for tracing tattoos. It comes with the anti-flicker property and has an option for varying brightness. The light emitted is not harmful to the eye, and hence working for long hours on it does not strain them.

This portable device is useful in several other ways making it a multi-purpose device. It is an effective way of making manual copies of your tattoo if you need a quick trace of any of your designs.

Tattooing involves damage to the skin’s natural moisturizing capability till it heals well. You need to supply ample moisturization as tattoos itch during the process of healing. Anti-itch products specifically made for tattooed skin help in relieving the itch as well as promote healing.

Black RoseTattoo CareMoisturizing Cream

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Black Rose tattoo cream is the best anti-itch cream for tattoos as it not only relieves itching but also reduces inflammation. It has several other advantages: it helps skin regeneration, promotes healing, and intensifies the tattoo colors. It is loved by both professionals and clients equally due to its protective care. Natural ingredient filled cream improves skin moisturization and helps in restoring the skin’s elasticity.

Ora’s Amazing HerbalAll Purpose Salve

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This slave is made by slow infusing organic herbs and mildly scented using essential oils for a pleasant experience. It has a soothing effect and antimicrobial properties required for healing inflamed skin. This all-natural and all-purpose cream will come in handy for many other purposes.

The anti-itch ointment benefits your skin when your tattoo is in the healing stage and itches a lot. It is an FDA-approved product and made in the USA with high-quality standards.


The more you know about tattooing, the better you are at it. As a tattoo artist being aware of useful equipment is very important to give your clients a world-class experience. I hope this article has provided you some insights on few such tattoo-related things you must consider owning to improve your professional career.