Facts about Gel Colors Everybody Should Know

Whenever there is any discussion of nail polish and manicures, one of the frequently asked questions is whether gel polish is good or bad for your nails. This blog endeavors to put things in its right perspective by discussing gel nail manicures that everyone should know.

Is gel good or bad?

To set the record straight, gel polish is not bad. It depends on how you maintain the manicure. Like any other cosmetic job, gel nail manicures require continuous maintenance. Now, gel polish can last for more than three to four weeks comfortably. This period is sufficient to dry out the cuticles. You cannot rush to a nail salon every second day for maintenance. The ideal solution is to apply cuticle oil to your nails every night before going to bed. It serves the double purpose of keeping your cuticles and nails hydrated and enhances your DND nail colors’ lifespan.

Using quality products is the key

The cosmetics market is flooded with cheap nail care products. They do more harm than good to your nails. It is advisable to plump for quality nail products like DND gel color, even though they might be expensive. These quality products last long and do not affect your nail’s health.

Are there any removal dangers?

If you follow the correct procedure properly, there are no removal dangers at all. Gel polish tends to lift after three to four weeks. It is a sign that you should remove the old polish and have a new manicure. It can be tempting to pull away at the edges and remove the nail polish layer forcibly. However, you should restrain from doing any such act.

The proper procedure is to take the shine out of the nail by buffing it gently. You soak a cotton ball in acetone solution and place it over the nail. Wrap an aluminum foil over the cotton ball to let it remain in its place. The acetone soak is critical to remove gel polish. You can wait for about 20 minutes before checking whether the nail polish has softened enough to slide off easily. If not, it is essential to repeat the process for some more time.

You should ensure that the residual nail polish slides off smoothly from your nail. If you try to peel them off by force, you can cause harm to the nail bed. It can become fragile and crack. The healing process can take months.

Can we experiment with gel colors?

Yes, gel nail manicures are the most flexible of all. You can experiment freely using a range of color combinations. DND gel is available in a magnificent spectrum of colors. You can also play around with gel polish by mixing the topcoat into your polish to create a semi-matte or suede texture. Like a painter loves to mix his/her colors, you should not shy away from mixing gel colors.

However, you must exercise care when dealing with a matte texture. This shade can take some time to dry out. It might look as if the paint has dried, but it can fool you. If you try touching the nail with your fingers, it can cause a huge dent and spoil the manicure.

Are there any specific trends for spring and fall?

The spring season is one of joy. Hence, you can have a grand time using bright and flashy colors like pink corals, orange corals, and others. Metallic shades with small glitter particles are also an ongoing trend during the spring season.

When it comes to fall, people prefer to go for the deep jewel tones, like dark green or red. Nudes are always around in all seasons. In the fall season, people tend to go with nature’s mood. You have cloudy skies in fall. Therefore, people prefer gray gradients in this season.

Shaking the polish bottle – Right or Wrong?

You would have noticed that the nail salon technician shakes the gel color bottle before applying it. The reason behind it is that shaking the bottle allows the polish to mix well. The more air it gets, the more the colors get activated. It becomes thinner and more comfortable to apply.

How is the gel manicure trend today?

As long as women love to make themselves presentable, the gel polish will remain in the trend. Today, in the age of social media, women love to express themselves and make a fashion statement. You need to have high-quality DND nails to flaunt around on social media networks. With trends like nail art picking up, women do have fantastic options waiting for them.


So, the gel polish will continue to remain in fashion for many more years to come. We reiterate that you should ensure to use high-quality products like DND nail polish set to maintain your nail’s health.