Making traditions: Eddy’s first pumpkin patch.

This week our lil’ family of three decided to venture out and take a trip to the pumpkin patch. The weather was amazing. The sun was shining. The blue sky was abundant with those fluffy white clouds. (Not sure what kind of clouds they were. Cumulus? I got a C in weather class.) We were on a mission: Hot apple cider. Pumpkin donuts. Pictures of Eddy in the pumpkin patch. #familyday
I wore my flats that day. They took one for the team.

He kills me.

We realized Eddy’s bootie fell in the mud after we took all the pictures. Whoops! On another note, I could just eat those cheeks right up, I love kissing them so.
My guys.
Closed eyes. Full diaper. Can’t win. Friday Night Lights anyone? …anyone?
We then attempted to place Eddy in the pumpkin patch for our long awaited photo shoot. He had none of it. #figures #lovehimanyway
Papa taking care of our little angry bird.
Stick a fork in me. I’m done. Holy cow I love this man.
So I’ve been gluten free/dairy free for a while, but these donuts are worth the splurge. So, so worth it.

Family selfie.
We decided that even with the pumpkin patch meltdown, the day was a success! We are looking forward to many more years here at County Line Orchard as a Konicki family tradition. Bring on the donuts! Bring on the cider! And yes, even bring on the occasional breakdowns if it means makin’ memories as a little family.